My website is down.. Plz help

Hello, friends I need urgent help…Actually my website is down… Everything was fine before I was using godday hosting… Then I take cloudflare free ssl and I installed cloudflare ssl plugin in my website and everything was working fine… But last night I purchased wp-rocket plugin and I installed it on my website and there was an option to configure cloudflare there… And that plugin was showing that it was not compatible with cloudflare ssl plugin. So I was an idiot that I uninstalled cloudflare plugin… And my website is down from last 12 hours… Please help me…
My website URL is
Please helpe with this issue… I don’t want to loose my website… Sorry for weak English
Thank you

Your domain doesn’t appear to point to Cloudflare, was it set up with your host, or did you sign up for a Cloudflare account?

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Can you check now…that does it point towards cloudflare

I was using godaddy hosting and i changed dns of the doamain there…and now cloudflare shows that it is protecting my website…but still it is not opnening in https

Yes, it does now but it may take a bit to propagate.

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You should probably set your SSL mode in Cloudflare to Full (but not Full (strict)), and then leave it a bit and once it has propagated, it should work OK.

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okey brother i had set it to full hope that this will work

how much time it will take brother

It could take up to 24 hours from when you changed the nameservers, but it is likely to be much quicker than that.

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okey thanks for your help i really appreciate it.

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Brother it is showing that your connection is not private… What to do now… Should I wait…??

I can confirm that it does now work, if it does not for you, then just wait a bit for propagation.

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