My Website is down - old developer created cloudfare account. Can not access

Would appreciate any help as I am really at a loss how to unpick this one.

My website nameswitch has been live since 2016. Domain name is registered via Go Daddy. IP address is hosted by Cloudflare.

The website and backend CMS has been down since this morning. Our stage website & CMS are visible.

Cloudflare was set up by my initial developer (no longer operating). This got missed in the handover. I made contact with him this morning and he logged into Cloudflare using his old credentials but can not see nameswitch on there.

The last screenshot I have is from 2021

My current developer has done a check and confirmed IP address is linked to Cloudflare:

I have created a new account on Cloudflare and tried to raise a ticket using technical/website down drop down but it did not recognise the domain name.

Not sure what I should do next…Any and all advice would be greatly received.

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You won’t be able to open a ticket on a domain that is not in your account. If it isn’t in your former developer’s account, you won’t be able to export the zone file of the DNS records. Your old screenshot may be better than nothing.

If you want to use Cloudflare, you have two options. The first is self-service account recovery.

If you are unable to regain access to the account with your domain using those procedures, the remaining option is to move the domain to a new Cloudflare account and configure it from scratch.

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