My website is down. I am getting an Error 1014, Cross User Banned

Hello, my website is down. I am getting an Error 1014, Cross User Banned Error. I have no clue why. I changed the DNS servers and am still receiving this error. The URL should send people to my Teachable school.

What is your domain?

Was it working before?

Did you make any changes, or did it just suddenly stop working?

Do you mean on your client network?

My domain is wealthymoneyacademy dot com and it suddenly stopped working this morning

The site has bever been down in all the years it’s been operational

Is the site working if you try to open it directly via your teachable-URL instead of your custom domain? Could you share that URL?

yes it shows up on the Teachable URL but you cannot log in. The URL is: heartmindmoney.teachable dot com

So I cannot log in to my teachable academy at this moment

Error 1014, Cross User Banned, may indicate a security measure by the server or hosting provider; contact them for assistance in resolving the issue and restoring your website. One time we face this issue on and we fix it within a week.

No, that is absolutely not what the error means.

@vangile , can you try removing the custom domain from your teachable site and adding it again?

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I cannot log into my teachable site. When I click on log in it redirects me to the 1014 error and says to contact Cloudflare

Can you also not log in via teachable directly instead of using the Login button on your site? → Creator Login

Can you change your DNS records in Cloudflare from Proxied to DNS-only?

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to contact Teachable via email I’m afraid.

I cannot log in to teachable using Creator LogIn. It gives me the same 1014 error. I just tried changing to DNS only and changed TTL to 2 mins. Nothing happening yet. Also on live chat with Teachable

Can the support maybe remove the custom domain and add it again?

Error 1014 happens when you use a CNAME record to point to another domain that is proxied on Cloudflare but not in your account.
The owner of the target account must then use Cloudflare for SaaS to make the CNAME work instead of showing that error. Removing and adding the custom domain from Teachable might very well fix this.

Otherwise, you’d need someone from support that has access to their Cloudflare configuration to find out where the problem lies.

Could you also share a screenshot from that shows your CNAME records pointing to the correct name?

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Thank you so much for your help. Teachable sorted everything out on their end. The site is back up


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