My website is down and data is gone


my website is currently down and it redirects me to
I couldn’t access my cPanel it says invalid credentials. I resolved the issue by resetting the password. However, when I logged in, I found out the my website files are missing and and nearly 75% of my database is gone. I contacted my host and I was told that files and data are not missing and this is a Cloudflare issue that I should contact them for better assistance. Also, FTP doesn’t work for me.
What is the problem?


There is literally nothing Cloudflare can do for you here, your webhost is in charge of your files, FTP, etc. Cloudflare just proxies connections from browsers to the origin (your webhost).

You can try switching Cloudflare to “Pause” mode to see if you can reproduce the issue, this takes Cloudflare completely out of the loop.


Turns out the IT support whom I had contact with didn’t have enough knowledge to point out the issue. I had contacted the host provider once again and found out the issue was my subscription had expired and requested renewal. Thank you.

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