My website is down after updating the nameservers , my domain name is

my website was working fine but when I changed the nameservers , for getting CDN support , website is down. my domain is

The DNS still looks to be propagating. Looks like it’s done in most places now though. You can check that here: DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

You may need clear your own DNS cache.

Your site redirects to HTTPS, and then WordPress puts it in an HTTPS redirect loop.

Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

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As @sdayman said, WP gets stuck in an HTTPS redirect loop when it wasn’t running on HTTPS prior to CloudFlare. Temporarily turn off the SSL and install/configure the “Flexible SSL for CloudFlare” plugin from the WordPress store, before reactivating SSL in CloudFlare

Sorry but I have to say this a not a good advice.

Using Flexible SSL does not guarantee end-to-end encryption because there’s another half of the entire connection is made in HTTP-only (Cloudflare to server).


I have SSL both sides, but I didn’t when I first brought my WP site onto CF, however the same plugin has worked for me across both situations. I wasn’t recommending Flexible SSL, that’s just the plugin name.

yes, it was working on Https before Cloudflare, I chose Cloudflare for CDN

Ok, I understand the intention of using this plugin - just to force WordPress to run in HTTPS after installing the SSL certificate in the server.

Switch your SSL encryption mode to Full (strict). The redirection loop happens is because the SSL encryption mode currently is Flexible - which connects to your server via HTTP. But your server received HTTP request and attempt to redirect you to HTTPS (which in fact you already connected to Cloudflare via HTTPS).


thanks for your help. it is working now :sweat_smile:

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