My website is disappear

May I ask Cloudflare can help me find back my old hosting information

my blog is:

Yesterday i use Cloudfare change to siteground from google domain

when i change it, my blog and all the article already disappear

may i ask i can get back my information from your all, pls thas is my important life record

pls help me to take back the old wordpress information

and the other question is why i can’t log in wordpress account

what the problem cause it, is dns problem?thanks so much

Hi @cjyee0921, your nameservers were confirmed yesterday, today I see they do not point to cloudflare. Maybe when you changed hosting providers to siteground, they changed your nameservers?

You should contact your domain registrar and ask them to reset the nameservers to the two that are assigned by cloudflare.

WRT the information you’re missing/looking for. That won’t be with cloudflare, that is with your hosting provider.


Hi sorry to hear that you having some problems. If you haven’t solve your issue or if you are not techy you might want to hire someone to do this.
This issue is not Cloudflare but some configuration you need to do at both ends before you even consider to transfer your site.
Here are some questions:
Did you add your site to Cloudflare?
Did you add Cloudflare name servers to Domain registrar?
Did you add A Record that is the server IP to Cloudflare?
Did you have a backup of your site?
If you answer these questions property than you move on to other solutions.

If you need someone to help let me know.

Wait, was your site like this?

First version

I have blurred images of site concerning privacy in any associated way!

Second version

Yes the first version is correct!!! I’m so touch you can find back, may I ask how can find back my first version website or what the method or tool can find back my website, thank you so much :sob::sob::sob:

@cjyee0921 Please go to this link and allow message for your profile or you can message me

I will send you instructions on how to get it back.


I have a similar problem, got an account in Cloudflare and my domain registrar was pointing to and .

Everything just all the records disappears.

Lucly I have everything on backup from zoneedit and grab from there.

Was Cloudflare hacked or dataleaked recently?

This start to happen on 5 september 2020. As i start to not receive email at my domain since this date and verifying the configuration. Was the records that dissapear from my account, as this account is free I can’t report this to Cloudflare.

Now my website is back, but it is because I put all the records back in there from zoneedit.

Unstrustable services :frowning:

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