My website Is Currently Down

I just activated the DNS of Cloudflare and my website does not work anymore.
Can you help me ?


How many more threads are you going to open under how many more accounts?

look at the domain name it is in .com and not in .fr

Excuse me?


because I am in partner account and administrator on the same domain ( .fr is a client who is hosted at my place
thanks for your understanding.

The site works well with my own DNS, but as soon as I activate the Cloudflare DNS it does not work anymore, so what should I do?

If your site is continuously down I would suggest to find a better host. But I already suggested that four days ago at Err_tunnel_connection_failed

For information it’s me the host, and I just have trouble running Cloudflare in my servers that’s it

I really dont mean to offend, but as a host you ought to have the knowledge to debug such issues.

And your site actually loads

Yes, actually after making changes the website works fine now.
Thank you for your time and good luck

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