My website is breifly timeout

I have my website since yesterday become unreachable and timeout. It happens briefly and sometimes the website can be reachable afterward.

I disabled the DNS proxy and Purged all cache but still experience the same issue today. I do not have any other specific settings in my Cloudflare account.

What can be the problem and how to fix it?

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Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your domain name while using Cloudflare service.

May I ask you to share your domain name here with us? :thinking:

What error do you get?

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I have an issue as well, I’m trying to get help from Cloudflare, but I think they’re have difficulties to fix that.

Here are the IPs from Cloudflare network booked:

it is

Yesterday with DNS proxy enabled, it was terrible where the site ALWAYS timeout.
I disabled DNS proxy, and this improves the problem. However, I still experience brief timeout

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