My website is blocked by cloudflare

I previously had a wordpress site with a domain and was using cloudflare on this site.

I moved to shopify and changed domain to a .co in March this year. We don’t have cloudflare on this account

Today we had a phone message from a customer trying to order from our website saying that Cloudflare was blocking our website. I am not sure what browser they were using. We have noticed our orders are quieter – so not sure if this is impacting other potential customers and only one has actually alerted us to the issue?

I have gone around in circles on the cloudflare website trying to get help, contacted shopify and they have told me to reach out to a cloudflare email which is no longer active - so frustrating!!

I am not sure whether Cloudflare is managing the domain redirect or DNS for the new website? How would I find these things out if it’s not Cloudflare?

We worked with a developer for this new site but they were dreadful and are no longer working with them.

Do I need to maintain my cloudflare account for the old site redirecting to the new site?

Is this causing issues with people trying to access my new site?
Can you help me to resolve the issue so we don’t have people not able to access our new website?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I don’t know what is causing the issue so not sure what questions to ask to get it fixed!


I’m sorry to hear about your frustration with users being blocked, but without specific details there’s little members of this community can do.

It would be good for SEO that old links be redirected to the corresponding content on new links. But that doesn’t need to involve Cloudflare. You can set the redirect at your origin if you prefer.

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Without knowing the error…. It’s impossible to say why a user was blocked. Shopify uses Cloudflare so it’s entirely possible they saw that message related to a Shopify configuration.

There’s not enough detail from the user. What url were they visiting? What was the exact error message? Without that detail there isn’t anything anyone can suggest or recommend because there is no way to know the cause.


Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated !

Thank you! How do I set the redirect at our origin? Is this through google console?