My Website is being targeted with negative SEO attacks from domains using cloudflare service

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if I should post this as “Uncategorized”, but since I could not pinpoint the exact category to put this in, have my apologies beforehand.

Now on the main topic.
I’m having trouble with negative SEO attacks (backlink atacks) from various different domains. Simple WHOIS check showed that most if not all of those domains are within IP range - .
I’m concerned that someone is trying harm our positions in Google Search Results by targeting specific categories, products, keywords - linking to our categories and product pages from their domains - using the specific keywords as anchor tags. However when I try to reach those articles wich link to us, I’m getting redirected to another domain in the same IP range as all the others that are linking to our categories or I’m reaching pages that have irrelevant to our products information and thus Google is demoting our positions based on those backlinks.
We are getting attacks like those for 3 months+ already. I’ve used the Google Disvow tool to stop Google from deposition us from SERP up until now.
So my main question here is, is there anyway to adress this to cloudflare, is it possible to stop those guys from doing this and maybe bring them to court or smnt?
As I said in the begining of the post, I do apologize for the “Uncategorized” topic or if my question/case is not for this section.
And excuse my horrible english .

Other than doing what any site owner has to do when dealing with bad backlinks, you can file an Abuse report here.

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