My website is being proxied and displayed under different domain

we have noticed, that someone is proxying our website and rewrites it to other domain name. Our legit domain goes through Cloudflare. Can cloudflare help us detect those bad bots or proxy requests?

Hi @anton22

I think you need to be more specific here. You are a member of many accounts, and have several domains in your own account, so not sure how we should be able to troubleshoot this one…

I will try to explain better…
We have a website, routed through CF.
Some bad guys registered similarly looking domain name and installed some proxy script. When someone visit their phishing domain - their scripts will fetch page from our legit website, change all occurrences of our legit domain and replace it with their domain name - so that all post-data would go through their server - everything, including login information… Can this somehow be detected?

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