My website is behind cloudflare

My websites are behind cloudflare but i’m getting attacks on IP, actually attacks are coming on ports that are closed.

My UFW is blocking these but how to secure more, i’m getting 502 errors and site stop working and when i check free RAM it all get sucked so i have to schedule a RAM cleaner bash script.

Although CPU % is fine.

I also tried to change IP address but still getting these messages/attacks

You’re probably leaking the IP through a DNS record, or you havent configured your server to only allow traffic from Cloudflare

Yes few DNS entries are leaking origin IP address

how to allow only cloudflare IP’s ?

and UFW is already blocking will allowing specific IP i get rid of these ?

You can do it through firewall software like iptables, this article describes the method

Also, you’ll have to get rid of those DNS records that leak the ip address

Sounds like an attack, you should enable IUAM (I’m Under Attack Mode) and follow these steps

Also, what is the domain?

cloudflare only protects on port 80 & 443 not whole ports of ip address

Ok, what about your DNS record settings? Maybe it’s misconfigured? (Send me a screenshot of your DNS settings)

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