My website is banned in india, how to overcome this ban?

okay, recently noticed that my website is being blocked in india, surfers from india are getting this message

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.

The same message was being shown when thepiratebay[dot]org was banned in india,

but now i can access thepiratebay[dot]org from india, i.e. its not blocked in india anymore, so how did thepiratebay[dot]org guys overcome this country ban ? and made their website accessible to indian users ?


As it’s blocked by URL, Cloudflare has nothing do with this. You would have to contact their Dept. of Telecom. Or maybe you can ask the people at Pirate Bay.


TPB was officially unblocked

As @sdayman pointed out you will need to take this up with the Indian authorities :man_shrugging:

Changing the domain name should probably help, even though they might block a new one equally easy.


thepiratebay guys didnt change domain and the news article you shared is pretty old, this happened in december 2018, all of sudden, thepiratebay was accessible all over world again.

thank you.

is this have something to do with changing webhost ? or chnging Cloudflare dns ? or maybe using full ssl ?

I am terribly sorry I couldnt provide a more recent article :wink: The point of the article actually was to address your question as to how they “overcame” the block.

Well, nobody here knows how India blocks sites. If they do it via DNS you will need to change domain as I mentioned earlier.

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No. They are blocking on DNS level since the local providers are told to put this blockings in place. And it seems that they are blocking whole domains because of a single request from a single company.

John Doe sends a letter to Indian authority:

JD: Hi, i am John Doe, working for ‚we don’t like pirates‘. There’s a torrent link on domain
xyz. and it’s a copyright infringement

Usually followed by the link, movie title, filesize, copyright owner.

IA: Ok, blocked.

The domain is question will be put on a DNS filter on provider‘s end. Indian users could try alternative DNS like but there’s no guarantee that they can connect to it.

The whole site. India seems to have zero tolerance and probably not a three strikes system like in the US.

And the article is not that ‚pretty old‘. It’s February 2019 now.

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Ohh :hushed:, so they follow EU standards? :wink:

its alright, i guess they ban at dns level., i tried changing dns to google and floudflare still same.

i gotta find what thpiratebay guys did.,

thank you

okay, so its blocked at DNS level., but how come thepiratebay is unblocked all of sudden in all contries and not just in India ?

they did something, idk what. i read on forums that all of sudden thepiratebay was unblocked., and i doubt they have people in each country fighting in court to get their site unblocked.

and the article is from 22 June 2012

Thank you.,

i think it has something to do with flexible/full ssl.,

Where did even remotely get this impression from?


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and many more., people were able to access the thepiratebay all of sudden.
so someone somwhere did something, i just have to find out what they did.

Thanks. …

These people might have changed their resolvers.

TPB definitely is still blocked in many countries.

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