My website is approved but it's not showing

Hello, my website SSL isn’t show it’s still unsecured can you help?


My website is approved but it’s not showing

Approved? By what?

Your domain is not configured for Cloudflare. Please check out

Your entire site does not load right now →

However even if it did, your message would seem to indicate you do not have a proper HTTPS setup on your server. If you want a secure site you will first need to do that anyhow, Cloudflare wont help you there.

Yeah, it’s broke my whole site domain isn’t working even when I set up correctly.

You already said that and I addressed it.

Hello, after installing cloudflare it brung my website down I did everything it told me to. Then I removed now my website isn’t loading it’s almost like it’s reset my domain. I’ve tried resetting my domain and adding it back to my site and it it just does the same thing.


For starters, dont double post.

Then, your questions were already addressed. I am not sure what is unclear.

I know, but like nothings loading the whole website is down even when I removed and deleted the site off of cloudflare.

You need to contact whomever is responsible for the maintenance of your site.

Okay, thank you.

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