My website initial connection is 21.14s

my website is very slow sometimes it looks like sometimes loading very fast and sometimes so slow,
it is very random because my initial connection is 21.14s,
i searched all over the web and found this [stack overflow] but i don’t know how to solve it the same as mine

I changed the server configuration and changed the server itself
i am pretty sure it is not server related issue

this stack over flow (

Hello there,
Is the site connected to Cloudflare? If so, this be the best way to start with:

Yes it is connected to Cloudflare
should i repost it?

my site [link](

I couldn’t reproduce the same. It was 2.62s for me. Looks to me there could be some other issue although the site itself can be improved from speed perspective.

the weird part it is very random but it is still happening

it is the same number of seconds as

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