My website in under DDos attack

my website in under ddos attack and i tried you free plan and didn’t work i want order pro plan but i need to know is there any difference ?

The pro plan may help as you get a bit more control.

Can you share what you tried and what did not work? If the attack is bypassing cloudflare and going to the origin directly, plan type won’t matter.

Did you enable under attack mode? That is a good first step. This post outlines next steps Mitigating an HTTP DDoS Attack manually with Cloudflare

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yes i did enable under attack mode and still bypassing cloudflare and going to the origin website

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Thank you. I see a lot of traffic from a couple of locations, which means they’re not going directly to the origin (once dust settles a bit you may want to ask your hosting provider to help you set up the origin so that it only accepts traffic from cloudflare, but I don’t think that is urgent at the moment).

To see traffic, You can sort that by time to see the changes in the geographic source of the traffic. That post mentioned above explains how to looks at that data and what to look for, Mitigating an HTTP DDoS Attack manually with Cloudflare.

From there, you want to create a firewall rule to block. How you block depends upon how fine-grained you create your rule. To stop the attacks you may want to simple block a couple of offending countries first. You can then return to the attack data and refine your rules with more precision.

Your rule may look something like this to start

As you look at the data, you may want to refine that to challenge or rate limit the traffic so you’re not rejecting legitimate traffic. At the moment with under attack activated you’re challenging a lot of traffic that may be legitimate, As the rules you create start to mitigate the attack, you can probably turn off under attack mode and/or create a rule that allows that traffic that you do want.


ah ok thank you i will try this

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