My website in Brazil is being served by MIA/EWR instead of GRU/RIO


My website in Brazil used to always have its cache served out of GRU. For the past several days now, I’ve noticed that it is being served out of MIA (my computer) or EWR (GTMetrix reports). Any reason why this is going on? Is this something temporary? I wonder how many secs or milisecs this adds to my pages performance.

Some information that you may find useful

An personal example without Cloudflare, my residential ISP directs it’s traffic about 700km then to our website and back again.
The business package we use at the office (1KM away from home) is on same Peering Exchange as Cloudflare and Hosting company with round trip a fraction of that.
With Cloudflare, my residential ISP still travels to East but because it’s near another Cloudflare Data Centre it’s much closer.
It has a lot to do with how and for whom the ISP directs traffic.
Another interesting read from two weeks ago, Nigerian ISP rerouted Google traffic.

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