My website was suspected of phishing or malware

On January 26, 2022, my website was suspected of phishing or malware. I replaced the whole site with a new one. but despite the repeated requests for review to date I have not received any response. How can I solve the problem ?

May I ask what tool, extension, anti-virus, or an online scanner have you used to get that information? :thinking:

I can normally open your Website, without any warning.

Does it mean you have contacted Cloudflare Support? If so, could you share a ticket number here with us so we could escalated this to double-check? :thinking:

Nevertheless, I can see your Cloudflare is either Paused for your Website, or? :thinking: (the IP from the network tab)

this domain is in free profile and i have not open a ticket because i do non know the procedure. the domain is in pause in Cloudflare because if I activated the proxy the site are be blocked for phishing. I hare request the review three times but nothing is succeded. I have not received any response

if I active the Cloudflare service the site is blocked and i see a page with “site was suspected of phishing or malware”

How can I solve the problem ?

As you can see, your site is ‘In review’ so I would expect this to be confirmed or the flag removed. The community cannot assist with this and nor can Support. You can contact Trust & Safety via [email protected].

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