My Website HTTPS is not working properly!

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My website https is not working properly on Cloudflare. How can I do so?

First, make sure your site is working for HTTPS without Cloudflare. Shut off the proxy “orange cloud” in your Cloudflare settings to remove Cloudflare from the equation, and make sure it works. If it doesn’t work, you need to contact your hosting company to make it work that way.

If it works without Cloudflare’s proxy enabled, but doesn’t work any more when you turn on the Cloudflare proxy, then please tell us the domain name of the website so that we can look at the situation and see what is wrong.

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My site is not under HTTPS, so that why I am dealing with Cloudflare.
This is my websites “amshopp” & “samoschoolswimming”.
Thank you

I can’t figure out, from what you provided, what your websites are. What is the TLD? I know this forum doesn’t allow links for new users, so it’s awkward, but if you can provide the full domain name, just spell it out with spaces between the elements, that would help.

But… if your site doesn’t currently work with HTTPS, that’s a separate step that you have to do before you get to the point of involving Cloudflare. Before you activate Cloudflare you need to have your site working via HTTPS. If you don’t do that it will never be secure and will never work properly.

You need to have your site working properly first. Once it works with HTTPS, then you can activate Cloudflare and have the benefits of it.

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I thought that Cloudflare provide the HTTPS service.
These are my domains www. amshopp .com
www. samoswimmingschool .com
Thank you

www. samoschoolswimming .com
This is the second domain name with correct one

In the ssl tab, check what settings are in the SSL/TLS overview.

For the configuration you have described, it sounds like you need to be in “Flexible” mode.

That will present a valid cerificate to the browser regardless of the status on the origin.

Edit based on feedback below…

Full Strict would always be the recomended setup (and does require a valid certificate at the origin).

The flexible option described above essentially only encrypts the traffic between the client and the Cloudflare edge, exposing a https endpoint and valid cert to the client, while leaving the origin insecure.

Wonderful, you just suggested to the OP that he made his site insecure and remove all encryption. Please do not mislead users and provide wrong advice. The encryption mode needs to be Full Strict.

It’s exactly as @i40west previously wrote.

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