My Website has not been working

Please check this screenshot

You need to set up your DNS records.

I am unable to add DNS record, … please help me in adding DNS record

How come?

You need to explain the issue. also contains all that information.

Please tell me How I can get my A , AAAA records…

I referred you to the site containing all setup information and asked you why you couldnt add the record. I am not sure what it is thats unclear and - as already mentioned - you would need to explain what the issue is.

  1. Log into Cloudflare
  2. Click on the domain in question
  3. Go to the DNS tab
  4. Select the type of record you wish to add
  5. Enter the values for that record (specified by your host)
  6. Click to add the record

You will need to find the records required from your web host or domain registrar where they should be listed.

  1. Start the browser

Sorry, couldnt resist :wink:

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@yashkumar7112, you might also find this useful:

@sandro, Damn!!! I missed Step 0

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