My website has been denied

I’ve done something in Cloudflare this morning and now my website says access denied prohibited content

Take a look at your firewall event log and it will tell you why it is blocked.

i genuinely do not know how to do that


The question of course is also what you

i tried to make my website secure lol, i can still see my site on my phone but not on internet browser for some reason

not on my pc i meant to say

That does not explain what you did.


  • What exactly did you do?
  • What does the log say?

cant lie i cant remember i clicked a few buttons off and on i am an idiot but it says prohibited content and its only images of kitchens etc

Generally try to avoid clicking randomly.

Again, what does the log say?

sorry it doesnt say anything and i can actually see my website on my phone internet browser i am so confused could you see if you can see my site deco vinyl wraps then dot co dot uk plezase if not no worries

That site loads fine.

However you have an insecure legacy mode on Cloudflare and the site is still insecure as a whole. You need to talk to your host to get a certificate on your server.

Pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to get that fixed

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