My website has been cloned

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Cloned is a domain name registred recently and I found that it is using all my website’s contents even the plugins , I don’t know how is doing this for now , but when I activate Under Attack Mode
in Cloudflare I get this message “This web property is not accessible via this address.” (Screenshot by Lightshot) when Browsing Cloned. Is there firewall rule to prevent this website from using my contents.

My website: Domain Name

Please need help with this.

Two possible scenarios:

  1. It loads content/URL of your Website under it’s domain
  2. It’s scraping your Website content

Unfortunately, that happens even without using Cloudflare.

I am afraid you should contact the Website owner about any copyright, if so.

I’d suggest you to check your server access log for the IP of that Website, then block the IP in case it uses a scrapper plugin or something similar by navigating to the Security → Tools → IP Access Rules with the action “block”.

Otherwise, create some Firewall Rules to block access to the WordPress RSS feed, wp-json, etc.:

As far as the domain is being registered recently, therefore it’s not using Cloudflare, I am afraid Cloudflare cannot help you much with that.

You can also report the site to your relevant local authorities. Complaints cannot be escalated via this forum.

Thank you for your quick answer, After Blocking its IP , Cloned isn’t accessible with error code 1006 (Screenshot by Lightshot). Have you any Idea how this website can clone my content?

It’s like using my server directly. even some hidden file in the server was cloned.

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Cool :slight_smile: Thank you for feedback information :+1:

For example, if that Website would use a Cloudflare Worker, I think it could be done as follows from the link below:

Otherwise, some other similar method could be used, for example iFrame, or some kind of a JavaScript (DOMHtml)/Python/PHP script.

I am really sorry to hear that :frowning:

any website can copy any website, it’s trivial and no tool can stop it from happening. Granted that services such as BM can make it more challenging but that’s about it.


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