My website has been cloned with Cloudflare 2302883 (#8554057

My website is I’m in the UK and that is my website. My website has been cloned with and it’s being hosted with CloudFlare. Despite submitting two reports I’m getting the run around telling me I’m not a customer. Of course I’m not, but the other website is using Cloudflare.

I need help with getting the .ru website taken down.

Can someone please help me with this because all I’m getting from Cloudflare are generic responses.
I’ve attached the Who Is record.
whois record|690x409

Report via, abuse forms cannot be submitted via this form!

They’ve told me to put the question to the community. They don’t seem to want to help me.

Please submit an abuse report to Trust and Safety. Neither Cloudflare Support nor the Cloudflare Community can help, unfortunately.

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