My website has a 522 connection error if SSL is ON

As described in the title - my website is unable to connect with my origin server when SSL is turned on.

A few days ago I was forced by my server hoster to change plans. I have done all the setup again as if it was an entirely different new server, intending to use the same domain ( hosted by the same server hoster ). My server IP has changed, and I changed the DNS on both sides accordingly. I am using Cloudflare so I can have an SSL/TLS encryption mode for users visiting my website, and while the IP has changed, my domain has not.
Since the change was made, my website has been offline with a 522 error.

With help from my server hoster, confirm that the DNS settings are correct.
Turning OFF DNS Proxy on Cloudflare, allows the server to connect and display content. But, as you can imagine, the connection is not secured.
SSL is set as Full.
I have tested with the simple apache2 default webpage, the outcome is the same. I have also re-installed it and played with the configuration, no change.

Any help or guidance would be very helpful!

That means your server has no valid SSL certificate, which you need to fix if you want to secure the connection.

Letsencrypt provides free certificates that you need to rrnee every 90 days, or you could use a Cloudflare origin certificate, which only works when proxy is enabled.

Full is not secure, you should use Full (strict).

While the website overall requests no input information from the user and is merely view-only, I agree, and while I am trying to understand and undergo through the ■■■■ of adding a certification to my origin server so I can change it to full (strict) - I would love to know if there’s a potential solution to the Full problem. Turning it into Flexible immediately fixes the problem. This hasn’t happened before prior to changing the server and I am unsure what changing factor has/is causing this.

Full and Full (strict) both require your server to have an ssl certificate. If Full was working before, then your old server must have had a certificate.

Flexible disables ssl and thus doesn’t need a certificate.

Installing the Cloudflare Origin certificate shouldn’t really take much longer than 2-3 minutes, depending on the platform you use for hosting.

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