My website got slow after enabling Argo

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on my website performance for a couple of months now. Until a couple of days ago, I was very happy with the performance and speed even though there is of course work to do. But a couple of days ago, I enabled Argo. Like always I checked my website before and after I enabled it, but just some minutes after I enabled it, my website got very slow. When I’m navigating in the website there are many pages that take like 15 seconds to download. Besides that, my Wordpress admin page got very slow too. Enabling Agro was the only thing I did that day.

I disabled Argo, but I still have the problem. I still have the Argo Subscription, I have just disable Argo in the traffic section. The tests in GtMetrix and PageSpeed insights are still showing me good results before this problem started, like 98 in desktop. (Tests are just guides for me, not the most important thing)

But the problem is that once you are in the website, it takes often a long time to go from one page to the other. In Chrome for example, there are messages that say ‘processing request’ or ‘waiting for mayangateway’ while is opening, that did not happened before. Additionally, the website on mobile got very slow too.

Something very strange is that a few weeks ago, I wanted to subscribe to Argo, but I didn’t have the option as my DNS are managed by my hosting. It is actually a surprise that suddenly I could get the subscription, perhaps this has something to do with the problem?

I’ve got a dedicated hosting, and checked the resources and they are pretty good no problem there. I contacted customer support from my hosting, they helped me to checked and everything seems all right. They are partners with CloudFlare, even though they are not experts, they said that my website shows 3 proxied IPs from CloudFlare when they usually show only 2. But they told me to ask CloudFlare directly.

I’ve checked the website in two other countries with the help of people and the same problem. My website visitors could come from any part of the world.

I’ve also already contacted customer support, but perhaps I can find also help from you guys a bit faster? I’m a no-coder by the way. I would really appreciate it very much! My website is:

I have a PRO subscription, and I don’t have the CloudFlare plugin.

I’ve also contacted my hosting provider Hostinger there times over this issue, they said that it seems to me to be a misconfiguration, or DNS not properly configured. It seems that my DNS is not properly propagated:

I don’t understand why would that happen now, would it be because I enable Argo? They advised me to paused CloudFlare and wait 24 more hours, but my website has been with this problem for 24 hours, and customer support from CloudFlare doesn’t answer - perhaps, because I don’t have Pro and not business, so they take longer?

Do you guys think that this is the right plan? just to pause CloudFlare and wait?
Thank you.

This domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers. DNS resolution is handled by your authoritative nameservers and isn’t related to Cloudflare.	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS

Thank for your answer. Yes, my DNS zone is hosted by Hostinger, I only added the screenshot above to explain what the support at hostinger advised me to do.
My question is, could the problem be at my configuration in CloudFlare? I’ve paused CloudFlare as my at Hostinger advised me, and wait.

Would the solution be to redirect my DNS to CloudFlare? Perhaps, enabling Argo could have caused the problem as my DNS is not hosted at CloudFlare?

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to solve this issue, would you have any advice?

Believe it was answered by a few in the forums suggesting to switch your DNS over to CF for it to work.