My website got re-directed

My new website got re-directed to clickfunnels website and I have checked with the school that taught me and they checked and the settings were correct.

I wrote to Namecheap and their reply was to contact cloudflare but I have not upgrade to paid user yet as just starting out. Could anyone advise what went wrong? Namecheap says that I might need to locate in my Cloudflare account the host records and make sure the subdomain is pointed to the same destination as the bare domain if you would like them to resolve to the same page.

Have you ever used Clickfunnels?

If you need more specific assistance, please post your domain name.

yes I have used clickfunnels before is my domain

I actually typed in my previous thread but clickfunnels link pops up instead

hope you can help. thanks

That certainly explains it. Contact Clickfunnels and ask them to release your domain name from Cloudflare.

Oic… ok let me do that. Thanks for your help!

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I deleted my clickzworkz domain that I was previously working in clickfunnels. still doesnt help. Here is Clickfunnels reply :

Given your domain was deleted from ClickFunnels and is no longer with us, you just need to change the settings on your domain host so it works with your site. Meaning you change the CNAME from ClickFunnels to your site. You will need to reach out to the support team of your domain host for this so they can assist you

I have no idea who is my domain host. :0
I bought my domain from namecheap
I was asked to do setup with cloudflare and i did correctly as per instructions.

Now I am trying to upgrade to subscription to cloudflare in order to ask them to help but it seems so hard to even find the upgrade button or anywhere in their site! goodness…

Maybe I should just abandon this domain :sweat_smile:

i dont think you did the settings right, you can check the site is using cloudflare, when configuring the site for cloudflare they wil give you a new nameserver to put on your domain seller, for exaample am using namecheap, so i had to change the name server on namecheap to the one given from cloudflare, the set up is really simple

ok thanks. let me go and figure it out. hopefully i can get it right! without the right knowledge of how these work does seem daunting

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