My Website Getting Copy/Mirror!

Hello everyone,
i have a problem with other websites that copy/mirror mine in few second every post i added i check in the other website and i found it
i use Cloudflare under attack mode and this website can’t copy me
but the cloudflare under attack mode is gonna make me lose traffic due the 5seconde load…

can you help to prevent any site to copying me…

You should try enabling this

And if it doesn’t work give a shot for pro plan

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Preventing someone from copying your website is particularly hard, has anyone can do so just by visiting your website.

Increasing your site’s security settings and using some sort of rate limit might help, but it can’t stop it. It would be slower, but still happen pretty easily.

Disable right click

That won’t do a single thing.

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That would make the process of copying little difficult. Not effective

You copy a website by cloning the files, not copying the text. Plus disabling right click is done via JS, disable it and it will work again.

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