My website emails are not working

After Connecting my website to cloud flare, My website emails are not working.
Please help me.

As far as I have checked, your domain is added correctly to your Cloudflare account.

Morover, your record A mail is pointed to a correct IP address ( and also it is set to :grey: cloud which is good.
The MX record for your domain is pointed to which is correct.

You have SSL certificate and your mail sub-domain added in it as alternative name, that’s good.

As it seems it works, but are there still any other issues you are experiencing?

Moreover, if recently added, you would need to wait for few minutes up to few hours for successfully propagation and applied changes for your domain.

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The only catch would be if users’ mail apps are trying to send/receive through the root domain instead of the ‘mail’ domain. Alas “not working” is not descriptive enough to help troubleshoot the problem.

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