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Hi everyone. Since I added my website to cloudflare yesterday my website have been down for other users… That means other users can’t access my website but I’m able to access it and still work on it… But others can’t, Because it doesn’t open for them… I don’t know what happened or how to get this fixed it been hours already and still no positive solution… You can check it out for your self to see
Website URL:
Please I need your help on this… I’m using WordPress self hosted site

It looks like you don’t have your DNS records set up here. They should match the records you have at your host. It’s missing the @ (your domain name) and www records.

But I can’t log into my website hosting cpanel… is giving the same error as my website

Are you hosted at fastserver? Hopefully it sounds familiar.

Yes. But now I can’t access my cpanel

Go to your Cloudflare DNS settings and add some “A” records as instructed in the tutorial above. The IP address for those “A” records should probably be set to
One record for @ (your domain name) and one for ‘www’ without the quotes)

I’m sorry for too many questions.
But I don’t understand how to set this up?
Can you explain a little bit simpler🙏

I’m done setting it up. But nothing is happening site still down

It’s working for me now. It may take some time for DNS to update for everybody.

Now my website is back online… But I can’t access it with my ip address… Is only opening when I use VPN

Is working for me now already thanks so much for you help and time🙏

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Hi everyone.
I connected my website to cloudflare last and ever since then I have been experiencing this issue of my website not opening for my phone ip address and mostly in the evening and I get alot of mails from WordPress jetpack support that my website is down or not responding and I don’t experience those issue before not until I connected to cloudflare and now I need VPN to access my website in the evening and sometimes In the day. It doesn’t open for my ip address In 24 hours I can only access my website with my ip address for about 12hrs and I need VPN for the rest of the day I don’t know the cause of this problem please I need Help my website URL is Tistip it currently not opening for me right now. See the error message I get here

I’m not sure why you keep mentioning your IP address. You shouldn’t use an IP address when connecting to a website. By the www hostname, it’s working globally. The error screen you are seeing is not coming from Cloudflare. That looks like a local DNS issue that doesn’t know how to look up your site’s address. There’s no way a website would be “down” or “not responding” if it goes through Cloudflare because Cloudflare will provide some sort of response. Maybe you can get a more specific error message from Jetpack.

Please what can I do now to stop this error🙏

Try installing the app on your phone so you can use better DNS.

Thank You

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