My website down it and 520 error

Dear Cloudflare Support Team,

I am writing to bring to your attention a critical issue we are currently facing with our website, wildvoyager. We have been encountering persistent Cloudflare Error 520 messages, which is adversely affecting the accessibility and functionality of our site.

Error Code: 520

Despite our efforts to troubleshoot the issue from our end, including checking server configurations and monitoring server health, we have been unable to resolve the error. Our team believes that the root cause of this issue might be related to the Cloudflare configuration or its interaction with our server setup.

Given the importance of our website’s functionality and the impact of this error on our users’ experience, we kindly request your immediate assistance in investigating and resolving this matter. Our website serves as a crucial platform for travel-related information, and any prolonged downtime is highly detrimental to our operations.


Heyy, I see that you have a ticket with similar issue opened. I’ll work with you there!

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