My website domain is blocked in specific country


Its my first post here. my website is got blocked in one specific country, Georgia. when you are trying to open my website in Georgia while you are using Georgian internet providers it cant be reached but if you are using VPN or you are in other country then it works fine.

I was thinking to use Worker to bypass the connection when someone from Georgia is trying to accsess my website and let them visit anyway.

To change the domain or explain my customers from Georgia to use VPN will be too complicated. If its possible to redirect existing domain to a new one or just bypass the network so people from Georgia will visit my website anyway will be a perfect solution.

I tried to setup Worker but its not working, looks like i did something wrong.

If someone had the same case and if theres a solution for that using cloudflare, please share with me.

Unfortunately, if your domain is blocked in a country, there won’t be anything you can do with that domain name that will work – if you set up a redirect, even the redirect will be blocked from within Georgia. You would need to set up an alternate domain name for people in Georgia to use.

Are you in Georgia yourself, or are you able to do testing from within Georgia? If so, you can figure out exactly what is being blocked – it may just be DNS lookups, in which case people in Georgia could use an outside DNS server like on their computers or phones. This still requires each user to do something, but it’s easier than setting up a VPN.

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