My website doesn't work

It seems to work for me on HTTPS, but not HTTP. Under SSL/TLS in your Cloudflare dashboard, can you check if ‘Always Use HTTPS’ is on, and if not turn it on? Here?

No, under
Screenshot from 2019-08-27 13-47-34

image i turned it on

It does now seem to be working for me and redirecting to a login page, is that expected?

Thank you so much :smiley: and i got notification of ddos end attack uf xd

No problem, glad it’s working!

One more question is this correct?

Because domain was

You don’t seem to have any DNS records for the eu. subdomain, if it is on the same server as the root domain, the records may match.

Which type i need to press for subdomain?

Probably an A record and then name will be eu and content will be the IP address of the server.

Like this?

That looks good, and I am sent to a login page again.

For me is not working domain ;(

What error do you get?

It is probably something cached on your end, and does seem to be working here.

How i can turn it off?

It should clear by itself fairly quickly, but you can try clearing your browser and DNS cache if you don’t want to wait.

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