My website doesn't work with HTTPS but only HTTP


So i allowed on Cloudflare to transfert all http to https but my website won’t load anymore with an error 522 as shown in the screenshot

but it does work without the https … but i need it to work with https and it’s pointing to this ip which also works
could someone please help me in any ways Please !!!
Thank you in advance.
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Could you please try pausing Cloudflare? There’s a button to do so at the bottom of the overview page.

Once you’ve paused Cloudflare, make sure your site loads over HTTPS without issues. If it still doesn’t load that’s something you must fix on your server.

Hello it seems to be working now
I don’t know what happened …

Is your encryption mode set to Full (strict) in the dashboard → SSL/TLS?

Your server is not properly configured. Pause Cloudflare and fix the server, so that the site loads fine on HTTPS. You may need to contact your host for that.

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