My website doesn't work on Mobile but it does on desktop

So my website is

It’s built using ClickFunnels

and it’s optimized for both desktop and mobile within click funnels.

But for some reason it still doesn’t work on mobile… can someone help me out with this!

Thanks guys

Looks alright to me


Try with an update browser from mobile

Hmmm yeah that’s weird what phone are you using?

Doesn’t work for me on my Iphone X and on my friend Huwaii

I don’t carry a mobile phone.

Reason I said that is old browsers on mobile cannot handle intermediate certificates.

tried disable TLS 1.3 in Cloudflare crypto dashboard and see if it works then

Nothing sadly but thanks… I hired someone on Fiver to take a look and he asked me for my Heroku login details because when entering my site on mobile it just takes me to for some reason and I told him I’ve never setup and account there so it’s pretty confusing

My website is

Desktop works perfect but on mobile it auto forwards to

Attached a screenshot… really weird.

I hired a someone on Fiver to take a look and he asked me for my Heroku login but I’ve never made an account so I’m pretty confused what’s going on.

Also the site works on some mobile phones but I have the latest Iphone and that doesnt work and I tested on a few other . phone which also didnt work.

I attached my DNS settings as well.

I tried disabling the TLC 1.3 to see if that would help but still nothing :frowning:

If someone can help that’d be amazing

IMG_7050 IMG_7052

Check your browser cache, I’m redirected to the heroku “nothing here yet” page on all my devices. Is heroku your hosting company and or are you pointing your A record to the wrong IP?

I don’t have an A record setup? I’ve never even created a Heroku account

when following clickfunnels instructions it’s basically only 2 CNAME’s that are required?

Would setting up an A record help? where would I point it to

I quickly looked at their getting started page and it only uses CNAME. You’ll have to contact them or recheck your configuration.

You must have changed something as it worked earlier on both desktop and non-desktop and now it returns that page everywhere.

This is something for ClickFunnels support. I suppose they use Heroku, and if the hostname (your domain) isn’t whitelisted, it’ll redirect to a heroku error page.


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