My website doesn't work if I add WWW in front of the domain

I have a domain from Namecheap that I authorized Cloudflare and it I have recieved the comfirmation. email.

My website now works as long as I dont add the WWW in front of the domain, any thoughts on what type of record should use?

ps. I’m also using the Cloudflare Tunnel

May I ask if the A www or CNAME wwwDNS record exists at the DNS tab of CF dashboard for your domain name? :thinking:

Furthermore, did you used some 3rd-party service like eZoic, or a hosting provider like WPEngine, etc. since before?

What error do you get?

Hi there ,

From my domain where i purchased it from " namecheap" , there’s no record

No 3rd party service has been added.

At this time , this is the layout:

Namecheap > Cloudflare > zero trust
Clouddlare is added my CNAME records to my apps , hosted in a Cloudflare tunnel

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