My website doesnt update unless I refresh

Cloudflare saves my website to help it load faster - great!
However if I create a new post it doesnt show up under my ‘recent posts’ list unless I visit the site and refresh.
My visitors will not know they have to refresh to see the latest posts so will miss out. How do I change this?

What’s the domain?

You can see the recent posts in the sidebar and footer. If I add a new post it wont change until I refresh the page.

It doesn’t look like Cloudflare is caching that page.

What are you doing to refresh the page?

I’m just pressing the refresh button on my browser.
Does this mean my Cloudflare isnt working correctly?

As I already said, Cloudflare is not caching that page. You may need to force a refresh in your browser, rather than a regular reload. It looks like you’ve set the browser cache TTL to 1 week (604800 seconds). You may have set this in the Caching -> Configuration of the Cloudflare dashboard, or your site is setting this.

So that means Cloudflare is saving a version of my webpage and showing that copy to users, and then refreshing it’s view every week? Should I reduce this to enable new blogs to show up faster?

I dont fully understand how this Cloudflare works. Just installed it based on a step by step guide but leaning.

Just checked and the TTL cache is set to 30 minutes so should be showing the new posts each time I visit the site correct? As long as I visit 30 mins after posting a new blog.

Let me know if I should change this to something else.

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