My website doesn't show some images

The website created by Wordpress.
After posted a post, still can’t see images from my devices like Mac, Win and Android phone.
Even though image path and uploading server is fine.
The weird thing is that my colleague can see those images…

So, I added query following image path like this, ‘?20201121’ , then it worked.
I’m not sure but, I think it caused by Cloudflare.

But how can I fix this problems?
Give me some tips…

What’s the domain?

Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, I can’t share the website because it’s my company’s :_(

It sounds like you are doing WebP conversion on your origin based on the type of device that makes the first request for an image. Many devices cannot display WebP, resulting in the behaviour you are seeing.

If you are on a paid plan, disable WebP conversion on the origin and enable Polish in Cloudflare, which will do the conversion at the edge depending on the device capabilities in every request.

If you are on a free plan you should disable webp conversion on your origin.

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