My website doesn't receive https

Hello my website is
I recently added my website to cloudflare and turned on SSL.
I’ve added DNS and configured them to proxy.
And in SSL/TLS page I’ve set to always use https and redirect to https.
I tried flexible, full and full strict settings but still it doesn’t work.
I am building a store so it needs https.

You first need SSL on your server. If you don’t have that you do not even need to consider Cloudflare.

Make sure your site works fine on HTTPS and only then add Cloudflare. The current error indicates that you do not have SSL on your server.

Hello, @sandro Thanks for your answer.
How should I get SSL on my server?
Is it done through my hosting service?

Precisely, you need to talk to your host about that. Either they provide that certificate or you need to get one on your own. In the latter case you can check out Lets Encrypt and Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates.

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