My website doesn't open from specific locations

Hi guys,

My website is not accessible from certain locations.
For instance, on my home laptop It’s not loading. I typed in an incognito browser and it doesn’t load.
It just keeps loading endlessly and the browser circle keeps spinning. This happens with all browsers.
If I test from my home using my mobile network, it works.
When I check in it works.
However, when I asked two of my friend in Denmark to try - it didn’t work. They have the same issue as I have on my laptop.
They are in different cities in Denmark.
My host provider is able to load the site.
I ran a Cloudflare diagnostic and it finds two errors, don’t know if they are related.

  1. no_dnssec_found
  2. not_found_ds_record

That happens since several days and every time I clear the WP Rocket cache and Cloduflare cache, the issue solves. Temporarily.

Thank you in advance for your help!



May I assume you use siteground as a hosting provider?
As I see your site redirecting on a loop to /.well-known/captcha/

If so, please write them a ticket and ask if they can deactivate the AI firewall (this is their anti-bot firewall) as it keeps redirecting.

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Many thanks for pointing that out. I use Siteground indeed. In fact this started to occur just now.
I spoke to Siteground and they disabled their AI firewall.
I cleared all cache and now it works .
I will monitor and see if it is solved definitely.
Thanks for your help!

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