My website doesn't loads

My website doesn’t loads. It shows SSL_Error.
I have connected it to cloudflare.


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Thanks for your help but it has not been solved yet. Https is not enabled yet. I am new. I can’t understand anything here.

So this doesn’t help?

Sir, when I disable https, my website loads. But when I enable it, my website shows error. Currently, I have enabled flexible SSL but its not working. My website doesn’t show https.
And sir, I have tried all the methods which you have told me.
Please help me, sir.

I see the Cloudflare cert OK, however you have some mixed content issues. If you :search: mixed content #CommunityTip you should find some help.

I think the issue will be because you don’t have a valid SSL certificate on your server, you should get that sorted and change your SSL mode from Flexible to Full (strict).

Hello sir,
When I have started using cloudflare, everything is going wrong. Neither I am able to access my website nor other people are able to access it. And my website doesn’t show IP address also. Nothing is happening good. Neither my site shows SSL or https protected. I don’t know what to do.
Will everything be normal as before if I delete my website from cloudflare and change my name servers?
I am new, I don’t understand anything in cloudflare and no one is helping neither the blogs. So I think I should not use cloudlfare anymore. I am sorry for this, but what can I do?
Please help me this last time with my question.

My website URL: thakurg .com .np

You seemed to be very close, but it looks like you deleted the domain from your account. Nameservers are still set, if you +Add Site from the overview page it should come back.

For the nxdomain error, check out the quick fix ideas in this #CommunityTip, Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error, in particular Quick Fix ideas 3 & 4. I suspect either your A record was missing, configured incorrectly or set to :grey: not :orange: in your earlier setup. Post back, give us an update & good luck.


i had done this but nothing has been changed, sir.
And my website dont has any dns also.
I have done what you said, sir.
what can i do sir?

Sir, if i delete my website from cloudflare and change my nameservers, then will it be normal as before?

That will take cloudflare out of the picture, I’d assume once nameserver change propagates, the site would look like it did.

Click the tutorials link at the top of the page, check out the #Tutorials on adding A records.

Sir, my website has no dns. where can i get it, sir?

Sir, I want to get connected with coudflare because it has very much advantage. but if my site wont work then how can i use cloudflare, sir. I dont know the dns of my website. i am completely new to A AAA CNAME and other

@cloonan sir, please help me with the dns.

The #Tutorials can help you more than I can, but here are some tips…

  • the A record is an Address record, it’s the address location of the place where your hosted website resides. If you don’t know that address, your host can tell you.
  • when you have the address, go to the dns app of the cloudflare dashboard and add an A record as shown in the #Tutorials called @, that will change to the domain name when saved.
  • Make the cloud by that record :orange: by clicking on a :grey: to toggle it.
  • Make sure to view the tutorials on adding an A records, they’re really helpful.
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