My website doesn't load

I keep getting error 522

Is this a new setup or an existing one?

Error 522 usually means Cloudflare cannot connect to your website. Check that you have the correct A/AAAA records set and that the origin isn’t restricting or firewalling Cloudflare IP addresses.

Check you can connect to your origin server directly to ensure that it is up and running.

If still stuck, what is the domain name?

Hi sjr, thanks for your help.
The website has been working for years now and never had an issue. I haven’t changed anything in months.
the website is protaniviolins

Cloudflare times out trying to connect to your origin server. Can you give the IP address of the origin server? Who is the hosting with?

{Sharing Origin IP is not recommended}


Your Cloudflare account seems ok - it connects to your host, then times out waiting for a response (hence the 522).

Those IPs belong to Cloudflare as well (Hostinger uses Cloudflare too), but they respond slowly when connecting directly so there’s some issue there. Check with Hostinger to see if they are having any issues.

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