My website does not work with HTTPS

Registrar Dash Ticket - My website does not work with HTTPS

Hi… My website ( does not work with HTTPS ( on any browser. It only opens when i type but it does not open when i use HTTPS. Can you help me with this issue, please?

Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

Was your website working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Yes, and it was working with a GoGetSSL free certificate for only 3 months) but i canceled it so i can use Cloudflare’s SSL Certificate. I already checked my website on SSLSHOPPER.COM and everything seems o.k. and it indicates i have a Cloudflare’s SSL certificate but when i try to open my website using https it doesn’t works.

It’s not the same, and a lack of SSL on the server is a frequent source of problems.

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