My Website DNS needs to be managed

Hi Dear,

I have one website,

It’s DNS is managed from, 3rd party. (Image is attached). I need to change it into Cloudflare. How to proceed.

I have changed my hosting from to Cloudways yesterday.

The domain is in

Please advise how to update the DNS in Cloudflare. Thanks!

Ezoic error is also attached for reference.

From the screenshot above, I am afraid you would have to manage your DNS settings (and any other available) by logging into your eZoic account and do the needed changes through their integraded interface.

As far as other users reported by similar topics, any changes they have tried to manage, were either deleted or reverted back to the old values.

My hostings is changed from, to cloudways.

Is it not possible to manage my DNS in cloudflare!

As my hosting is changed, still cloudflare shows that DNS is managed by

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