My website cannot be opened using Android phones in Israel and India

When I use the website simulation speed tool to open my website in Israel and India. My website cannot be opened. Android phones in India and Israel display error 520 and cannot be opened

Hi @812242220,

That error does not say much except Cloudflare is working.
Since you have narrowed it down to 2 countries, India and Israel, and Android phones, what other troubleshooting have you done?

Can you give more details?

Thank you.

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This is the result of my testing using the global website speed measurement tool. My website cannot be accessed normally when using Android phones in India, Israel, and Colombia. Error code: 520. I don’t know what’s wrong with my website. This is the test report provided to me by the global website speed testing tool. I don’t quite understand either. You can log in to my cloudflare console to check the status and issues of my website.

This test was performed from India on an emulated Android phone and it was accessible.

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Yes, it’s OK to use Motorola’s mobile phone, but if you open my website with an individual mobile phone, you will have problems in India and Israel. For example, Samsung Galaxy note8

I have contacted the senior engineers of the siteground. They told me that no error log occurred in my Colocation centre. Perhaps there is a problem with my cloudflare proxy or DNS settings. I do not know how to set up my cloudflare proxy and DNS settings. Please log in to my cloudflare workbench to help me find and solve the problem. Thank you for your technical support!

Best thing to do is find someone in Israel and India to test this rather than relying on simulators.


yes,i see。thanks for your help

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