My website can not appear in Google search results. but Bing search page showing, How to Fix

Sir, after getting indexed a few months ago, my website page used to show the search result page and when I searched the title and targeted keywords, my site post used to appear. , since 25 and 30 days i search Trageted keyword, it is not come in search result, sir, how to fix it, do i have to create a backlink, do i have to change a my disclaimer, , I can’t find the search results page or post , I’ve reinstalled wordpress 3 times, I’ve touched same problem it,

Sir, it is showing in Bing search result.

Tell me how to do what do, do I have to create backlinks, do I have to do that so that my website can appear in search results.

My website :

New ScreenShort Image 2023-05-09

One Moth Ago Image 2023- 04- 02

Suggest this is a topic better handled by the Google Search Central Help Community.

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