My website browsing in SSL will always time out

My website ( is created two A record
test (DNS only) and
test2 (Proxied) both in same server ip (212).

When I browsing in some minutes , it always be time out (Error 524), but at the same time , is working fine , server is working normal . About 5 min later , will work again , and time out later. I dunno what’s going on ?

My website haven’t any SSL cert install.
Cloudflare config:

SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible

Always Use HTTPS is Off

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is Enable

Minimum TLS Version is TLS 1.0

Opportunistic Encryption is On

TLS 1.3 is On

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites if Off

Disable Universal SSL is Disable Universal SSL

Authenticated Origin Pulls if Off

A wild guess is rate limiting. Does test2 normally respond pretty quickly? Are those the actual hostnames you’re testing?

Here’s more 524 information:

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