My website are blocked by a phishing

my website are blocked by a phishing

Hello everyone, my issue about “phishing” badge onmy website (im NEVER affiliate LEGO COMPANY AND LEGO). Im only resseling lego constructor. ALL IMAGES FOR BANNERS IM BUY ON ISTOCK FOR BUSINESS LICENSE.

when im receive message from cloudflare:

i immediately delete Suspected phishing site | Cloudflare page
later im FULLY delete website
resolve issue with hosting
reply on cloudfalre, but with other email (because gmailji only for recieve messages)
they ask what me need contact them from email on account
open 2 tickets about my issue in cloudflare
Please! unsuspend my domain! its are issue 100% IM DONT HAVE ANY PHISHING SCHEMES! MY WEBSITE DO NOT LIKE OFFICIAL LEGO COMM7o9wWv

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