My website appears in its new look without (www) and in its old form with (www)

I owned a site on the Blogger blog and then moved it to WordPress, but what happened is that the site appears in more than one form when entering it

On mobile sites, it appears in its old form on Blogger and with old articles. I cannot change anything in it or add new ones, even the new articles I write on WordPress do not appear either.

While on the personal computer, the site appears, one of them is new and the other is old on Blogger, according to how you entered the site with (www), or without (www).

After a few days it will be a month since I have been trying to solve this problem since I moved to WordPress without getting any results. What is the problem and how do I solve it?

Do you have both versions behind Cloudflare? Could you check if they share the same value for DNS?

I just add one site in Cloudflare and I don’t have any site

I moved the site I own from Blogger to WordPress because the new topics I was publishing on Blogger were not archived and did not even appear on the home page of my site and any modification to the articles remains the same in its old version as well

I thought that this was a problem from the blogger itself and it would be resolved when I moved my site from it, but I found that it still exists after I moved to WordPress and even got worse!

I have been searching for about a month for a solution to this problem on Google or YouTube, but I have not reached any result, and I have not found anyone who knows the cause of the problem, and this problem has not occurred with anyone just me, as it seems!

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