My website AMP pages started to redirect from ?amp to ?amp=

I enabled Cloudflare for my website and immediately my ?amp pages started to redirect on ?amp=

how do I stop redirection?

Hi there,

I was unable to reproduce the issue.
Are you sure the redirect is being done by Cloudflare? What’s the Cf-Cache-Status header in the redirect?
Can you provide a path where this happens for us to reproduce? (You don’t need to share the full URL, only the path.)

On an end note, if you update to the new analytics (Analytics & Logs > Traffic > Try our new Web Traffic analytics), it might make it easier to filter for status codes coming from origin and from the edge.

Take care.

I am sure, it is started from CF.
It is not happening in local.

cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

canonical Urls opening alright. But AMP urls are redirecting from
url?amp to url?amp=

One more thing, i have noted… not only AMP pages but any page after question mark redirects

for example ?amdc or ?cdfd etc changes to ?amdc= or ?cdfd=

Is there any solution?