My website always show Cloudflare inactive

i’m using Sitrground hosting and set Cloudflare in siteground tools .
but there are always a problem about my site.

It seems the Cloudflare will inactive automaticly everyday .
First it will show inactive ,it need i refresh it .
Second after i refresh it ,it will show DNS check failure and WWW problems.
i have setted it well already ,i just refresh it and it will show active now.

But second day ,it will show inactive again and i need do above steps to active it .
i have contacted with Siteground support team ,they said i’m setting right,it’s not their problems .
Could anyone help me to solve it ?


Why are they saying it’s not their problem? It’s their setup.

I advise against using their Cloudflare integration and suggest you just set it up from scratch on your own Cloudflare account. If there are issues with a native setup, then we can assist.

thanks for your reply .
actually i have logined in my cloudflare account and check it too.
and i also give my cloudflare account to Sieground,but they can’t give me a proper answer.
my account is [email protected] and my website is
could you check it for me ?
thanks for your help.

That domain is not using Cloudflare name servers. It’s also a CNAME setup, so you don’t have full control over it. The ball is still in Siteground’s court unless you stop using their integration.

thanks for your reply.
i will contact with them again.

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